Specialist electric fishing services for both the private and public sector.

RAS was set up in 2011 by Eddie Hopkins to provide a high quality service delivering a range of electric fishing services for both the private and public sector.
The emphasis from day one has been on the collection of reliable, robust data, in a safe and effective way, and every effort is made to maintain consistency and provide data that is fit for purpose.
RAS is experienced in carrying out fish population surveys on a wide range of riverine habitats, from narrow low conductivity mountain streams to high conductivity lowland rivers, using currently accepted techniques, including back pack, boat -wade and boat-based surveys.
RAS is equipped with the latest technology in electric fishing equipment using Smith-Root and Electracatch control boxes, combined with battery power or Honda generators.
Quantitative, semi-quantitative, timed and catch per unit effort surveys can be undertaken and data either supplied in its raw form, or analysed and reported.  Data collection, processing and reporting is comparable with Environment Agency (EA) standards, thus allowing comparisons to be made with historical data sets held by the EA.
We are also equipped to undertake emergency and planned fish rescues and fish removals prior to de-watering or in-stream works. We can respond at short notice anywhere in the UK to carry out electric fishing services and arrange for Environment Agency consents to be in place.