About Us

Eddie Hopkins, the company’s founder, has been carrying out electric fishing operations since 1985.  In the early days the equipment was fairly basic, and health & safety and fish welfare were not considered as they are today.  These days both the equipment used and the training of electric fishing operatives has moved on a great deal, as has our understanding of the benefits and potential risks of electric fishing operations.

Eddie has over 25 years experience in the collection of fisheries data working for the Environment Agency and its predecessors, The National Rivers Authority and Thames Water Authority.
He has worked in a diverse range of habitats from back pack surveys in small mountain streams to boom boat surveys on vast tidal rivers.  He has also carried out hundreds of fish rescues and fish removals from both rivers and still waters.
Since leaving the Environment Agency in 2011 Eddie has carried out electric fishing operations for private riparian owners, aquatic consultancies, water authorities, construction companies, The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, local river trusts and government bodies.

We have been using the same highly trained team for the last 3 years and this allows us to maintain consistently high standards, all have extensive field experience and excellent fish welfare skills. We understand the importance of collecting high quality, reliable data, in a consistent manner.
Our electric fishing operatives are trained by The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, and hold a valid electric fishing qualification and current First Aid certificates.
RAS is set up to operate anywhere in the UK to carry out fish population surveys and can also undertake small scale fish rescues, both planned and emergency.  We obtain all the relevant consents to undertake electro fishing operations prior to the commencement of any works.