Electric fishing equipment

Riversdale Aquatic Services are equipped with the latest electric fishing equipment. All our equipment is serviced, maintained and certificated to the highest standards by qualified electricians. Equipment is also checked and tested each day, before being deployed on site.

We use both Electracatch and Smith-Root electric fishing equipment, which is extremely reliable and efficient, being built to very high standards. This allows us to adapt our equipment requirements to the many environmental conditions we find ourselves working in, from low conductivity mountain streams in Cumbria and Wales to very high conductivity lowland clay catchments and tidal rivers.
Our equipment is set up and operated in accordance with the electric fishing guidance issued by The Environment Agency and The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, both experts in their field.
Temperature and conductivity are tested at all sites before operations begin, and this allows the electric fishing equipment to be set up to its optimum efficiency, while minimising the risks of damage to different fish species and to the aquatic environment.